Everything starts Somewhere…

img_2908Introductions. I wasn’t sure if introducing myself was necessary, but maybe to lay out my intent for this blog, it is.

My name is Amy Wigger, aged 33. I grew up on the northwest side of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I still miss it. I am above all else, a Jesus lover. I am also a wife and mother of three beautiful kiddos. Paige is almost 9, Blake is 7 and Owen is almost 4. Owen is blessed to have Down syndrome and this blog will touch on many point pertaining to that.

I have always embraced raw and utter honesty when it comes to my life. I love genuine people and I love knowing people’s stories. I don’t want to know stories for gossip or retaliation. I like peoples life stories because I believe every story shapes us who we are and how we react to the world around us. How we embrace those close to us and to those who maybe want to be close to us.

I am a recovering judger. I consider myself a pro life feminist, that will be addressed later as well. I am a believer in redemption. I am pro marriage. We, Mike and I, are a testament to redemption in marriage. That a mistake does not mean an end. I will prayerfully consider sharing that part of our lives.

For now that’s it. I pray that my sometimes brutal transparency will speak to those who could use it. Otherwise, writing in itself is therapeutic to me and I am thankful for it.


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